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              About Us

Colorado Care Supply is a family owned and operated care company that was founded by Brad and Lauren Johnson in 2017 in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. After experiencing first hand the challenges of incontinence care with family and our own continence issues, we set out to find a different and better path to incontinence solutions and products.

We believe that no one should have to be stuck with whatever generic product sits on every store shelf or have to face the embarrassment and stigma of incontinence. Our motto is "Everyone deserves the utmost respect and dignity". Everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest regardless of the unique needs or challenges and that all should have the chance to be themselves no matter what.

We also have a mission that special needs children, parents and individuals with special needs and disabilities come first. You deserve the care, attention and help that is so often overlooked or neglected by big-box retailers and common medical supply stores. We also offer expert knowledge and can answer questions and offer advice that is uncommon in the industry today.

In 2022, we were able to move into a new location in Colorado Springs where you will find a unique variety of products, selected with care and intention, met with an unparalleled, personalized guest service and attention to detail that you will not find elsewhere.



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