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Whats the Deal With These Colorful Looking Diapers?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Many may have noticed some new products that have recently popped up on our website. Especially the products with colorful patterns, graphics, colors and unique names like "Waddler".

These briefs are commonly known as "abdl" diapers but we mostly refer to them as "printed" diapers so that we can lessen any confusion and better help people find what they want and need. However, it needs to be clearly understood from the very beginning that our company is a No Judgement Zone. For whatever the reason someone chooses these products, we ask all for mutual understanding, respect and care.

There are many reasons why we have chosen to carry selections of abdl and printed diapers. We also have chosen to partner with well-known companies and brands like Rearz and Tykables to be able to bring the best of these products to our customers and clientele.

These unique diapers come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and graphics. Though some might find it odd, honestly there are a lot of folks that are just simply getting tired of plain colored medical products and "briefs". Nowadays there is a huge push for variety and more clothing or non-traditional looking incontinence products and well, who doesn't on occasion want to be different and wear something unique for a change?

Aside from the colorful design, there are also many unique and functional elements to these products. I must explain though, despite the people that try to dispel these products as being a "rip-off" or "just a way to capitalize on a market", that is simply not the case at all. These products are genuinely made from high quality materials, they offer superb comfort, top-of-the-line absorbency and even with the "high cost", a better in the long run value for managing daily and heavy incontinence. These products also cost more because they are made to be better than traditional products.

Many of these products also offer a lot of benefits for Special Needs Adults and Adults with Autism. These products have a softer touch and feel that reduces irritation. The enhanced comfort encourages individuals to keep the product on and provides comfort while wearing the product - something that most traditional products unfortunately fail to provide even though it is greatly needed. These folks need the best care too and these products help to offer that.

In some cases, these products help to break the traditional taboo and shame of wearing an incontinence product. The colorful design and patterns give a sense that one is not wearing a "medical diaper". There needs to be a serious change in thinking when it comes to incontinence products and as a society, we need to stop shaming people and making it such a taboo and forbidden topic.

Here are some links for our unique selection of these products:

If you wish to fully understand the term "abdl" that is something we are not going to dive into here. For that please seek understanding from reputable organizations like that provide fantastic resources, support and a genuine sense of community.

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