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Introducing Our Blog

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

First a Little About Us,

Discreet Solutions was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the very heart of the Rocky Mountains. The mission of our company is to be an all-in-one source for personal and incontinence care solutions. We are also unique in that we are an all family owned and operated business, which is something you won't find often among incontinence care companies. The Team at Discreet Solutions also has many years of hospitality experience and over 10 years of Healthcare and Senior Care experience.

Why Discreet Solutions and Incontinence Care?

We chose to specialize in personal and incontinence after having close family members that had been diagnosed with Alzheimer and Dementia. We were then faced with the hard realities of Senior Care and having to move a loved one into Assisted Living and Memory Care. All of us soon gained firsthand experience with the unique challenges and care needs for Alzheimer's. As a result, we came to better understand the reality of incontinence and its impact on daily life for anyone who suffers from it. Also, Our companies founder has also had many personal experiences with incontinence as a result of cancer and the treatment that followed.

With all of these experiences, we came to understand as a family and a team that there is a huge difference in all of the types of incontinence and personal care products. After many struggles of trying to find what worked and what didn't, there was finally a breath of fresh air when some of the premium products from Europe had been discovered. These products became a huge lifesaver and really changed the quality of care and daily life, especially for one who is always active.

However, we learned that a lot of the high quality products and solutions where not widely known or widely available to families, seniors and those who suffer from incontinence. Because Discreet Solutions is so passionate about care, quality of life and dignity, we chose to create a specialized company centered around the unique needs of seniors and individuals of any age who suffer from incontinence and can benefit from superior personal care solutions.

The benefit to all of you is a unique and personalized selection and service that you won't find anywhere else. Because we have firsthand experiences, we can better assist you than most companies can. A lot of retailers in reality, only sell incontinence products to capitalize on the market and they offer cheap products at cheap prices because they know big the need is in the market and want to make big profits. We are not this way. We are a small company and chose to do this because we want you to have the right products, for the right reason to fit your unique needs so you can be who you are naturally and not have to sacrifice your active lifestyle and normal way of living.

You can expect over the coming months, a unique blog centered around all of these specialized needs and topics. We plan to share updates and articles that we have come across in our research. We also hope to include input from professionals and experts in all related fields. We hope to also periodically have guest posts from the product testers, healthcare professionals and senior care experts have we have strategically partnered with.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to introduce you to our unique concept. We look forward to assisting all of you with any needs and challenges that you may have or face.

Meet the Team:

Bradley Johnson - (CEO)

Lauren Johnson - (CO-Founder)

Jeffery Johnson - (Marketing Director)

Dee Ann Johnson - (Senior-Care Manager)

Michaela Johnson - (Product Manager)

Melissa Sheldrake - (Creative Director)

Have an Idea? We welcome feedback from our readers and want to offer an open door should their be a product or topic you are curious to know more about. Have a product request? Let us know. We want to know what products you want and need. Should there a product or topic that you would like to see covered either in our blog or added to our offerings, feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

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