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First Review: Tena Ultra Brief

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Welcome to Discreet Solutions product reviews. Today in our review, we are going to take a look at one of Tena's newest and most innovative products, the Tena Ultra Brief. In this blog I am going to provide you with some important details and information about the Tena Ultra Brief that I hope will be invaluable when considering such a product. This great new product from Tena is also now featured as our "Best Overall Value" incontinence product (of which I will go over more later on).

For those who are familiar with Tena, they have had much success over the years with the Ultra Brief being one of the most popular products sold in the United States. This past fall however, Tena announced their new "ConfioAir" product line and upgrades, with the Ultra Brief being one of those new products. Though the sizing and original concept remain, the product itself is entirely new and very different from the outgoing product.

Overview and Features

The Tena Ultra Brief is a traditional tab style disposable incontinence brief. The original Ultra Brief was a reliable and solid standard incontinence product, but the new Tena Ultra Brief is significantly more premium than the product it replaces. What is most unique about it is the change to the materials and overall construction.

Backsheet and Materials

The original Ultra Brief had a plain white back-sheet that had a little bit of that plastic-like "rustle" to it. The new Ultra Brief has a fully breathable back-sheet and side panels that are much softer to the touch and far more discreet. It is also now much easier to distinguish each size because of the new color pattern. The size Medium has a gray pattern, Regular has a lavender pattern, the Large has a light-blue pattern and the Extra-Large has a beige pattern. The Ultra Brief also retains the original wetness indicator to make it easier to tell when the product needs to be changed.

Fit and Sizing

The fit, sizing and shape of The new Tena Ultra Brief is very similar to that of the outgoing product with the only differences being that it is more like the famed Tena Slip line that is so wildly popular in Europe. To make fitting, sizing and application more precise, the Ultra Brief features Velcro "Hook and Loop" tabs that attach anywhere on the brief. The sizes also remain the same:

Medium: 34" - 47"

Regular: "40 - 50"

Large: "48 - 59"

Extra-Large: "60 - 64"

Absorbency and Discretion

This new product offers much improved absorbency over the original Ultra Brief. The new absorbent core has new features and elements that the previous product did not. This is a brief that I would strongly recommend for moderate to heavy or moderate overnight absorbency. This brief is also great if you need extra protection verses the absorbency of protective underwear but don't quite need a super heavy absorbency product.

Because of the softer materials, breathable panels and innovative core, the new Ultra Brief is one of the most discreet products on the market. There is absolutely no "rustle" noise the brief offers a comfortable fit under any type of clothing, no one can tell you are wearing it! It also has advanced odor neutralizers that mean you can wear the brief for longer periods of time and you won't have any of that awful, dead giveaway urine odor.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a very comfortable and reliable brief that is great for daytime or night-time wearing. Its also impressive as to how discreet it is compared to a lot of standard and common products that are available.

This new Tena Ultra Brief is also Discreet Solutions "Best Overall Value" product because for the price ($0.85 each by the case), you can't beat the level of absorbency, comfort and discretion. It honestly has a level of comfort and performance that one would find in more premium products at a much higher price. I would strongly recommend this product if you are in need of a reliable and high performance disposable brief but at a more budget friendly cost.

You can find this great product here:

If you have anymore questions about this product, you can always feel free to ask us. We are always available to answer questions and provide further assistance.

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