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Can I Make a Request?

As many know our website is divided into many different categories with certain amounts of products from different brands. However, we are frequently asked about special requests and if there is anything else we can carry on our website. The answer is Yes. We are able to source a really wide variety of brands and products, we just don't have them all on our physical website at the moment.

Being a small company, we have to be diligent with our budget and inventory which means we start by carrying what we know people need and want. We continually add products and brands as people request them and as we discover new products.

We are always happy to accommodate as best as we can. It does not always mean we will be able to source every product or brand, but we will certainly do the research to see if it is available to us or not. If you have any sort of product request, always feel free to reach out to us for assistance, we are here to help.

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